About Me

I was a bold, active kid with a tendency toward mud, sun and adventure. By the time I turned 20, I’d concluded Australia was the place for me, and took off to pursue my studies in Marine Biology. But I was starting from scratch, far from home, surrounded by high-achievers and confined by the continual pressure to do well. Days would pass and I would exist on autopilot, neglecting to consider how I was really feeling and what purpose this was all serving. I began to lose my sense of self and with it went my self-confidence.

Thankfully my love for the outdoors remained intact, and I took up running. Running became a daily ritual, giving me the opportunity to take time out, to reconnect with my thoughts and do something good for my body. 

At around the same time I also discovered Iyengar yoga and embraced the calm and focus it created. Iyengar also sparked my fascination with human movement and form; I learned to make fine adjustments to my body's movements to improve balance, composure, flexibility and strength. This newfound level of body awareness was a total revelation; it enabled me to push my own physical limits while remaining injury free, and continues to shape the way I train both myself and my clients today.

As my passion for exercise grew and I regained some self-confidence, I trained to become a Personal Trainer. Simultaneously, I transitioned from an all-out cardio bunny to an avid lifter of weights. The satisfaction and empowerment that came with feeling myself getting stronger was invaluable, and I’ve since become a massive (less so in the physical sense!) advocate for female strength training.

My personal experiences have shaped the way I am today, and the approach I use working with my clients. I hope to share some of the things I've learned about movement, form and body awareness with you, as well as impart my enthusiasm for strength training, nutrition and fitness in general, to inspire and support you on your own health journey.

Education and Qualifications

Online Trainer Academy (US) 2020

Online Personal Trainer

Girls Gone Strong (US) 2018-2019

Pre and Post Natal Coaching 

Premier Global NASM (UK) 2015

Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Instructor

University of Chester (UK) 2014-2016

PGDip Exercise and Nutrition Science

Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (Australia) 2012-2013

Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 2 Gym Instructor

Australian College of Massage (Australia) 2011-2012

Cert IV Massage Therapy 

James Cook University, Townsville (Australia) 2007-2008

MSc Marine Biology

University of Exeter (UK) 2003-2006

BSc Biology

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