Barbell with Weights

Every woman has the right to feel strong, capable and confident in her body. It’s an ethos at the core of my approach training, and you’ll experience this as much through my Coaching Programme as you would if we were working together 1-2-1.


See, this isn’t just any old training plan. Simply handing you a list of exercises and a meal plan then expecting you to flog-yourself-silly for a few weeks might make you sweat, it might even help you shed a few pounds, but I want your results to be life-changing. This is where the coaching comes in, and it means we’re going to be working as much on your mindset, habits and behaviours as we will on the training side of things.


Over the course of just a few months, I’ll be guiding you from food and fitness fear and trepidation to a place where you’ll be getting the most efficient and effective results from your training.

We'll get you off the diet-rollercoaster and free from calorie-counting and introduce a less painful - and far more sustainable - way to manage your nutrition. You'll be eating in line with your goals while obtaining the energy to power you through your workouts and the nutrients to help you recover. 


We’ll be exploring the beliefs and behaviours that may have held you back in the past and identify how we can overcome any barriers to ensure lasting change this time around.


We’ll cut through the noise of social expectation and ensure your health and fitness objectives truly align with what you value and desire, to help you stay focused and motivated for the long-term.


As you progress through the programme, you’ll discover that the benefits of training regularly and eating well extend far beyond the physical or aesthetic: You’ll be building the foundations for better sleep, increased energy, improved self-efficacy, heightened self-esteem and a kinder and healthier perspective on the way you view your body.


Each month you’ll receive all your coaching materials in a neat little package, straight to your front door. I want you to have a tangible product; something you can take hold of, sift through and write notes on. Besides, we spend enough time in front of our computers and, in my bid to help you become healthier and happier, I’d like to help minimise your screen time.

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