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Online strength training course



For way too long, strength training has been the domain of men. I think that’s generated a whole heap of unhelpful stigma, misconception and myth around lifting weights, not to mention the gym environment remains largely male-dominated and pretty damn intimidating. All the while, the many wonderful health benefits of strength training are waiting there for us women to reap too, if only we knew exactly what was up for grabs and felt comfortable accessing it.

From cardiovascular health to bone health, the physical health benefits of strength training are numerous and powerful. But where the value of strength training truly lies, is in what it can do to empower. Strength training offers a unique tool to practice mindful movement and self-compassion and builds self-esteem and confidence. In turn, this can help shift our focus from weighing, counting calories and scrutinising our bodies, to nourishing, nurturing and appreciating them for what they can really do

I’m eager to help bust the myths, breakdown the stereotypes, remove the overwhelm, minimise the fear and make strength training so much more accessible to so many more women...


...And so I've created Own It In The Gym. 


Own It In The Gym is a brand new online course that takes you step by step from total strength training novice to feeling strong, capable and in control of your training. 

In just a few powerful weeks, you’ll learn how to fuel, train, rest and recover to ensure you're getting the very best from each and every workout. You’ll learn how to set sustainable health goals, so you can be sure the results you achieve will last. You'll learn how to perform exercises safely and correctly and how to adapt each exercise for working out at home and with minimal equipment. And you'll learn how to write your own gym programmes, so that you can take full ownership of your health and fitness moving forwards. 

Own It In The Gym is a go-at-you-own pace course and once you sign up you'll have life-time access to all your coaching materials. 

Click below to register your interest. I can't wait to see you inside!

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