Bespoke Fitness and Nutrition Packages


There’s a whole host of get-fit-quick programmes out there, the market’s absolutely saturated with them. But what I’m offering you is something completely different. In fact, I’d call it a bit of a game-changer. 


When it comes to your health, I want your results to be life changing. And that means equipping you with a whole heap more than just a list of exercises and a meal plan then expecting you to work crazily hard for a few weeks. Sure, the workouts need to be in there and you need to know how to eat to get the results you’re after, but these are just the first steps; You also need the tools to ensure that the results you achieve will last.


My brand new do-it-at-home Coaching Programme will arm you with a whole host of coaching resources, hand-picked to meet you where you’re at and guide you to where you want to be. These are kind of like bottled-up versions of the processes I’ve used to help many other women over the years, to support them as they work towards becoming stronger, healthier, happier, more confident and more in-tune with their bodies. 


Over the course of six months, I’ll be taking you from health and fitness overwhelm to a place where you feel firmly in control of your exercise and nutrition. 


Here’s what you’ll get:


A monthly training pack, delivered to your door. I believe it's important that you receive a tangible product; something that you can actually take hold of, sift through and write notes on. Each month you'll receive all your training materials in a neat little package, delivered straight to your front door. (As a compromise with the environment, I'm making sure all your training materials and the packaging that they arrive in are as planet-friendly as possible.)


Your own, bespoke workout programmes. Each month you'll receive a custom-made workout programme, designed to fit in best with your needs and lifestyle and to deliver the results you want. Just let me know what equipment you've got available and I’ll do the rest.


Access to your own exercise coaching video library. I don't want you left feeling confused or overwhelmed when it comes to your exercise, and so you'll get exclusive access to your own coaching video library where you'll learn how to perform each exercise safely and correctly with the equipment you've got available. 


Knowledge, in the form of booklets and training resources. I want you to understand the whys behind your training, so that you’re not just blindly following my instruction. It’s absolutely fundamental to keeping you engaged and motivated, and it’s my key ingredient to your long-term success.


Custom coaching tools. Expect to receive anything from calendars to recipes to 'how to' worksheets to journalling tools. Each month I'll be handpicking the coaching resources that'll best help you take the next step in your health and fitness journey. 


One-to-one check-in calls. I want you to feel supported and I want to find out how you're getting on! And so each month we'll schedule a 20-minute check-in call to discuss how your training's going and what you'd like to focus on in the month ahead.


Ongoing email based support. I'm not going to leave you out on a limb, and so if there's anything you need in between our monthly calls you can always send me an email.   


All you need to be eligible for my programme is a willingness to learn and the readiness to commit the time to yourself. Internet access, a free Zoom account and a mailing address will be useful too, but you don't need a gym membership or even any equipment to get started.

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