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Online personal training and nutrition coaching for women



Our society’s fixated on weight loss and aesthetics and the health and fitness world has become saturated with diet and training programs that promise a quick and easy solution. Exercise has become synonymous with pain and punishment; eating well has been replaced by rules and restriction.


But what we’re doing as we strive for those chiselled abs, toned arms and tight butts is rarely sustainable. And the goals we’re working towards don’t necessarily deliver long-term health and happiness.


Every woman has the right to feel strong, capable, and confident in her body. And so we need a better solution: One that delivers sustainable results. One that focuses on feeling good. And one that enables us to enjoy the process.


My 12-week online personal training program delivers a tailored fitness and nutrition solution and helps you build the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to achieve lasting results. You’ll:

Learn how to set realistic, achievable and sustainable health and fitness goals.


Follow your own bespoke training plan, designed to suit your lifestyle, fit in with your schedule, and deliver the results that you want.


Build a positive, healthy relationship with food, free from the constrains of a diet.


Gain a heap of useful knowledge – that's easy to digest, backed by science and tested through experience – so that you can cut

through the crap and make reliable, informed choices about your health and fitness going forwards.

And it's all served with healthy dose of compassion, so that we can get you seeing this journey not as a penance, but as a practice in self-care.

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