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Recipe: Orange & Cranberry Bircher Muesli

To me, bircher muesli’s like a summer version of porridge. The advantage is it’s even quicker and easier to prepare, leaving you with no excuse to skip breakfast, even if you’re short on time!

It contains a good balance of macronutrients (especially if you serve with Greek yoghurt and up the protein), which will keep you feeling full until lunch time.  

I’ve made the recipe to provide 2 portions, because I think it’s best eaten fresh. But if you’re feeding more mouths, or you want to make up a week’s worth in one batch, it will still keep well for 3—5 days in the fridge.

Makes 2 serves


  • 80g whole rolled oats (use the large ones, they work better than the small, quick-cook oats which can go a bit soggy)

  • 20g pumpkin seeds

  • 20g sunflower seeds

  • 10g chia seeds

  • 30g dried cranberries

  • 250ml orange juice

To serve (per portion)

  • 50g Greek yoghurt (I like to use Fage 5%)

  • A handful of berries, or any other fruit of your choice

  • Half a teaspoon of runny honey (optional)


  • Place all the dry ingredients into a Tupperware container or bowl, stir to combine, then pour in the orange juice. Stir again. Cover and place in the refrigerator overnight.

  • When you’re ready to serve, remove from the fridge, spoon into a bowl and serve with fresh fruit, yoghurt and honey.

  • The bircher will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days, but it's best eaten fresh.


Per 100g

Per serve (205g)

Per serve with yoghurt, fruit and honey (310g)


184.2 kcal

377.7 kcal

450.3 kcal


23.2 g

47.5 g

55.6 g

of which sugars

9.6 g

19.7 g

26.3 g


6.8 g

13.9 g

16.6 g

of which saturates

1.4 g

2.8 g

4.7 g


5.7 g

11.7 g

16.5 g


4.8 g

9.9 g

10.9 g


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