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Outdoor yoga classes



Combining stretches with bodyweight exercises, Stretch & Strengthen is a gentle outdoor evening class to help you unwind and let go of the stresses of the day. Moving through a series of standing, seated and lying poses, we'll work to maintain good posture, improve flexibility and remove tension from the body. By definition, holding and moving between stretches requires strength, but expect a few bodyweight exercises thrown in too, for good measure. 

Through intentional, mindful movement, we can work to calm the mind. By exercising outdoors and amongst nature (weather permitting, otherwise we'll be indoors, looking out at the garden through the glass!) we can boost the positive effects of exercise. 

My classes cater to all levels of experience and ability and I'll offer variations and alternatives for each exercise as required. I keep group sizes small, to ensure we all have plenty of space and so that I am able to provide individual support where necessary. If you have any medical issues or concerns, please do let me know prior to booking and I will advise accordingly.

Classes run from 19:00-19:50 on a Wednesday evening at the Onelife studio in Little Shelford, just to the south of Cambridge. Classes are currently bookable in blocks of 4 weeks, throughout the summer months.

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