I deliver results-driven training methods along with expert nutrition guidance and behavioural change techniques to motivate, inspire and support you on your journey to better health. Take your first step and get in touch today.


Empowering you to become your healthiest, happiest, strongest and most confident self.

Self-image shapes our thoughts, behaviours, and ultimately how happy and successful we are in life. Sadly though, as many as two thirds of UK adults experience low self-esteem and negative body image. Feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability deter us from achieving our goals, deny us enjoyable life experiences, and leave us susceptive to a number of mental health problems.

Goal-oriented exercise and an improved relationship with food can be extremely effective tools for building self-confidence. Goal setting facilitates continual improvement and experiencing pride in each small feat is a powerful way to help rebuild self-efficacy. Learning how to nourish and fuel your body effectively and gaining control of any unhealthy eating habits can also help to reduce self-criticism and boost self-esteem, and will play an essential part in supporting your fitness goals.

As you get stronger, fitter and feel your confidence grow, the positive effects of regular exercise and good nutrition will snowball– you’ll sleep better, stress less and have more energy. Hey, you might even have fun along the way too!

Ultimately we’re looking for that shift in your mindset– from one that criticises and shames your body, to one that can respect and celebrate every effort and accomplishment it makes. Putting your needs first may feel unfamiliar to begin with, but taking charge of your health will give you every reason to feel empowered, leaving you armed and ready to go get the most out of life.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”



One-to-One Fitness and Nutrition

My unique and integrative coaching method combines fitness training, nutrition coaching and behavioural change techniques to achieve - and most importantly to maintain - lasting results. I take a gentle and compassionate approach to training and with patience, I'll encourage and support you as you work at your own pace towards your health and fitness goals. One-to-one coaching is available at the Onelife Studio in Little Shelford. Unlike the hustle and bustle of a big commercial gym, the studio offers a calm and private space to work out.   


OWN IT in the gym - coming soon

Unsure of how to use the equipment, intimidated in what is typically a male-dominated environment or through fear of getting big and bulky, when it comes to working out in the gym many women tend to shy away from lifting weights. Designed exclusively for women, my introductory strength training workshop combines theory and practical-based learning to arm you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to OWN IT in the gym. This is an online course, giving you the flexibility to work through the material in your own time. For more information send me a message. 


The Onelife Studio, 54 Whittlesford Road, Little Shelford, Cambridgeshire CB22 5EW

07718 381 952


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07718 381 952

The Onelife Studio, 54 Whittlesford Road, Little Shelford, Cambridgeshire CB22 5EW

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