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Self-image shapes our thoughts, behaviours, and ultimately how happy and successful we are in life. Sadly though, many women experience low self-esteem and negative body image. Feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability can deter us from achieving our goals, deny us enjoyable life experiences, and leave us vulnerable to a number of mental health problems.

Regular exercise and improved eating habits can be extremely effective tools for building self-confidence: Exercise facilitates continual improvement, and experiencing pride in each small feat is a powerful way to help rebuild self-efficacy. Learning how to nourish and fuel your body effectively and gaining control of any unhealthy eating habits can also help to reduce self-criticism and boost self-esteem, and will play an essential part in supporting you on your fitness journey.

As you get stronger, fitter and feel your confidence grow, the positive effects of regular exercise and good nutrition will snowball– you’ll sleep better, stress less and have more energy. Hey, you might even have fun along the way too!

Ultimately we’re looking for that shift in your mindset – from one that criticises and shames your body, to one that can respect and celebrate every effort and accomplishment it makes. Putting your needs first may feel unfamiliar to begin with, but taking charge of your health will give you every reason to feel empowered, leaving you armed and ready to go get the most out of life.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”

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My unique and integrative coaching method combines fitness training, nutrition coaching and behavioural change techniques to achieve - and even more importantly to maintain - lasting results. I take a gentle and compassionate approach to training, and with patience I'll encourage and support you as you work at your own pace towards your health and fitness goals.

One-to-one personal training is available at the Onelife Studio in Little Shelford, south Cambridgeshire. Unlike the hustle and bustle of a big commercial gym, the studio offers a calm, private space to work out with views across the countryside. 

For those further afield or keen to cut out the travel time, I also offer one-to-one personal training online, via Zoom.    

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I’ve bundled ten years of coaching experience up into a six-month programme, to give you access to the same life changing results that my in-person clients achieve.

This isn’t some get-fit-quick plan. I want your results to last, so we’ll be working as much on your mindset as we will on the exercise side of things. Alongside the workouts and delicious, nutritious recipes, we’ll apply science-based research and tried-and-tested techniques to arm you with the knowledge, skills and self-belief to take ownership of your health and bring positive, sustainable change.

Each month you’ll receive all your coaching materials in a neat little package, straight to your front door. You can work through them at your own pace and fit the workouts in whenever's most convenient.

Whilst I’ve always been quite active I really needed more guidance and support to stay healthy as I reached my menopausal years.  Rachel has been a real catalyst in developing my body confidence by building strength and flexibility and I look forward to every one of my twice weekly training sessions. I’m continually learning more about exercise and eating well without dieting and love the calm and measured way Rachel coaches. She’s curious, challenging, patient and knowledgable and after the first 12 months of working with Rachel I’m in better shape physically and mentally for everything else in my life. 

Daney  -  Cambridge


The Onelife Studio, 54 Whittlesford Road

Little Shelford, Cambridgeshire CB22 5EW

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